Here’s How to Extend the Life of Your Car Battery

If you’re like most people, then you probably only think about your car battery when you need to start your car and it won’t turn over (or, even worse, it won’t start at all). However, there are plenty of other things that can affect the lifespan of your car batteries Sydney and make it less reliable than it needs to be. Most of these things are within your control. With the following tips, you can keep your car battery Sydney working optimally throughout its lifespan and avoid expensive replacements down the road.

Stop Using Electrical Devices While Charging

One of most important rules for extending your car battery’s life is also one of its simplest: Don’t use it while it’s charging. If you leave your phone plugged in when you don’t need a charge, you’re simply wasting electricity. The same goes for other electronics, when they aren’t being used, turn them off and put them on a charger.

Use Quality Batteries

It may seem obvious, but your car battery will not last forever. Most batteries only last 3–5 years and there’s no way to tell how long yours has lasted. If you find yourself experiencing issues starting your vehicle or slow crank times, it could be a sign that your battery is in need of replacement. It can also be a good idea to get an inspection done every year at a local auto shop just to make sure there are no issues before something happens on the road when you’re driving. Choose high quality , reputed brands of batteries.

Keep Batteries Clean

This is one of those car-maintenance tips that sounds obvious, but for many drivers it’s easier said than done. Batteries get dirty and corroded over time, and if you don’t clean them, they’ll not only lose power, they could leak harmful chemicals on your engine or even catch fire. It might seem like a lot to do before you hop in your car each morning, but cleaning your battery once a month can be key in ensuring its longevity.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Extreme temperatures are a known killer of batteries. When you leave your car parked outside during winter or summer, you’re exposing your battery to extreme heat and cold—and you don’t want that! Extreme temperatures can reduce your battery’s lifespan and cause it to wear out quicker. To ensure your car battery lives as long as possible, never leave it in a place where it could be exposed to cold or hot weather for extended periods of time.

Store and Charge Properly

Leaving your car’s battery on a charger for too long can damage it. If you need a quick boost to get started, plug in and remove your car battery quickly (within 2 hours). Charge it back up fully at least once a month if you don’t drive often. And don’t let it die; batteries hate being allowed to drain all the way down, so avoid leaving cars unused for long periods of time.

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